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Ireland/London Study Abroad

Summer 2015 I studied abroad in Ireland and London making four short films. The group was made up of twenty-five Telecommunications and Theatre majors and two professors. We spent 5 weeks in Ireland and 1 week in London filming four 30 minute films and studying Irish culture and films. 

"Ball State student crews heading to Ireland to shoot four movies this summer"

Filming "Inspired Dark"
Filming "Inspired Dark"
West Coast of Ireland
Buckingham Palace
Filming "Evergreen"
Filming "Inspired Dark"
Tower Bridge, London
Kissing the Blarney Stone
Filming "Evergreen"
Enjoying the West Coast
Cliffs of Moher
Royal Albert Hall, London
Hiking in Connemara National Park
Trinity College
Sitting next to Bray Head Cross
Filming "Evergreen"
Shoes on the Bray shoreline
Trinity College Library
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